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lyrics, the first

Because I discovered this song the other day, and was blown over by the sheer D/M-ness of it.  And because I like sharing these things.  And hell, perhaps it will prompt ideas for fic!  Or rp!  Or... whatever.  Also, I may be posting more strikingly appropriate lyrics at some point.  Because  I can.

'Dead is the New Alive'- Emilie AutumnCollapse )


y halo thar, bandwagon

Because, well, it's the Master, and I couldn't resist.

If you want to have your pup have some sort of sexual relations with mine, comment here! I'll write a drabble/short fiction makin' it happen!

Continued from here

The Master grins hugely when Ianto finally concedes.  Because yes, that is a concession, no matter how much grump and snark he might cloak it in; the tricky part's over.  But hmm, where to take him now?  That's something different.  The bedroom in his TARDIS is for seductions, things that pretend at being meaningful, and that, this is most certainly not.  But something personal, at least to Ianto.  Someplace that means something to him, someplace he has to see on a fairly regular basis, at the very least.

Maybe shag him on the very same bed he's had Captain Viagra on, ooh, yes, there is something to be said for that.  That extra, added punch of guilt that would just make things so much more entertaining.

'Gladly,' he purrs, shifting just slightly to reach into the inside pocket of his jacket.  A moment of searching provides him with what he's looking for- handy dandy little spaciotemporal dislocator- and he kisses him again, indolent and amused, pushing his head back against the wall.   A moment later, he's got Ianto pressed up against a different wall entirely.  It's cool, white-tiled, and the air around them hums with the absent, muttering white noise of machinery, the faint scent of dank, underground water and concrete.

It is, of course, the Hub, and the Master has Ianto against the wall right under the D in Torchwood.  They still haven't stopped kissing.  Though, the Master expects, Ianto might have something to say about that.